So a little about this resolution thingy. In October I got to spend my little sister’s birthday with her and my brother’s family in Colorado going to an epic Jimmy Buffett concert at Red Rocks.

Amazing. But the same weekend we went down to Castle Rock and did a workout on some alpine steps,

And I loved the feeling of challenging myself, again. At the same time, I discovered an awesome IG’er, COSam88, who made ticking off many of Colorado’s 14ers (14000+ foot peaks) look like the most amazing experience in life. I was mesmerized.

So this year, I’m gonna. While this bod still can.

Maybe I should end that sentence in a ?

It’s the easiest of the bunch to start, but it’s a place to start. Mt. Bierstadt. 7.3 mile hike up, 3000 foot gain, ending above 14000 feet. I did a 6 mile that ended above 11000 about 12 years ago and only ended up with a head wound. What could go wrong?

I’ve been a little cocky about this so far, but I know it’s not going to be any picnic. Im gonna be training, I’ve already started. A little concerned about the thin air, and you know, heart attacks…but what the fizzy, right? The climb’s in June or July, but the guy on the back stairs right now is me. 700 a day (up) so far, and climbing. We’ll tackle the whole carrying 3lbs of water and not being able to breathe thing soon. Stay tuned. You know, if you want.

Next weekend I’m tackling LAST year’s resolution, photography lessons so I can actually take pictures when I get up there.

I hope I am properly conveying it, I’m really excited about this year.

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