On Friday 13th as Paris was devastated by a terrorist attack, I like the rest of the nation watched closely to the media as the details were released. By the time I left Omni’s corporate office Friday night, the story was gradually unfolding. At the same time, officials from the city and the Omni Dallas Hotel had made the decision to place the French flag on the side of the hotel as thoughts and prayers went out to the City of Paris and all the families touched by the senseless violence.

The Omni Dallas holds a very special place in my heart. I’m not going to get into why in this post, it’s not the point. I only bring it up because loving this place like I do, I was incredibly proud as an Omni associate, and so impressed at how fast the city moved to pay tribute to the victims.

By the time I got home it was everywhere. And not that I had much in the way of plans Friday night, but I ended up monitoring the conversation as it unfolded. And there was a lot.

Everyone was tweeting the picture, resulting in tens of thousands of tweets and retweets,

And suddenly the hotel was thrust onto the world stage.

As a result, the local Alliance Française de Dallas chose to coordinate a gathering and moment of silence tonight under the lights of the hotel and the Pegasus. And once again, cowardly and senseless violence only brought people closer. Hope you enjoy the images, it was a wonderful, peaceful gathering I was honored to participate in.















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