My boss at Omni Hotels taught me great things about storytelling. He always had a cutting edge example to share, and we agreed in unison on the idea of compelling content and only very subtle branding leaving a far more lasting imprint on the consumer.

This video, “The Recital” from Quaker Oats, is one of my favorites, and I’ve shared this example more times than I can count. Great story telling. Compelling, sticky content. I’m a Dad of a daughter as most of you know, and this one still breaks me up…every…time. And the best part is that you have no idea who made it until you get to the end. The first time I ever watched it, I began wondering halfway through where it was going from a branding perspective, and was shocked at the end at how little self-promotion the company included. And then even more fun to go back through and discover all the subtle product placement. NEVER over the top, or in your face. Just products, in a life setting.

So I’ve been talking about this video, and Quaker Oats, ever since.

Just watched it again.

Every. Time.

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