Even though I’ve been eating these since I was a kid, my daughter and I can’t figure out what to call them. They never had a name growing up, but you would think that Santa and the Easter Bunny were sitting in our living room every time Mom announced we were having…whatever the hell they’re called. Actually, that’s kind of a bad example. The Easter Bunny sitting your living room? I think I’d have to pick my kids off the ceiling and call for an underwear change. Freaky.

Mom would make these on nights when she and my dad were going out because it was so easy to pull together, and this was long before Country Crock got serious about putting mashed potatoes in a tub along with a full pound of butter. You can make your mashed potatoes from scratch, but why the hell would you? I mean seriously, I thought you were smarter than that.

Mash Dogs

Servings – 6-8. With a pack of hot dogs and one tub of mashed potatoes. Just make ’em all.
Approx Total Cost – $6. Seriously. For 8 servings. Crazy cheap.
Prep Time – 10 minutes.
Cooking Time – about 8 minutes. Keep an eye on ’em.
Halftime Lessons Rating (1-5 stars) &#9734&#9734&#9734
Toots and Giggles Rating (1-5 stars) &#9734

The Beauty Shot. Cue the harp.

Mash Dogs
I feel 8 years old again. Without the booger picking.

Let’s do this already.

1 package of 8 Oscar Mayer hot dogs, your choice
I tub Country Crock mashed potatoes
1 8oz bag of Kraft Shredded Cheese

I like to start by nuking the hot dogs, just to get them started cooking on the inside. So put all of them on a plate, and microwave them for a minute.

Next, put some time foil on a baking pan (so you don’t have to scrape cheese off the pan after), line up the hot dogs, and slit those little suckers from neck to n…um…cut them down the length and spread them apart, like so:

split them suckas
Try not to cringe.

Next, fork some mashed potatoes into each one (fork me?? fork YOU), and then sprinkle the tops of them with shredded cheese. Lots.

Shoveling handfuls of cheese into your mouth is encouraged.

Fire up your oven. Right to the top…BROIL. Not “Bake”. Put your creation on the middle rack, not way up at the top where the cheese will fry too fast. Close the oven, and DON’T Leave!! Watch ’em. Should only take about 6-8 minutes to get them right.

Now, I put that beauty shot up there cuz it looked nice, but I find that if you Broil these babies until they look like this, they work out the best:

This is why we use tin foil. Wanna scrape that off your pan? Me neither.

And Voila. That’s french for…voila.

Serve ’em up. With ketchup. Duh. And don’t be scared to pick the leftover cheese off the tin foil. Call it an appetizer.

Hope you liked this. It’s really easy, and your pickiest eater will think you hung the moon. Again.

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