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You dont gotta be Leo to become a hero to a pretty girl. Or her brother.

All you have to do is start grabbing stuff out of your meagerly stocked fridge, and get creative…that’s what led to our recent creation of “The Iceberg” Kids Drink Recipe. And since no one else was around, there was no one to stop me from indiscriminately yelling “ICEBERG!! RIGHT AHEAD!!” throughout the evening, and no one to stop their squeals of joy every time I did.

It’s big, blue and cold, so it took us about 4 seconds to come up with the name… but the looks I got from my kids lasted all night. And ultimately, it was my own little Rose DeWitt who told me to share the recipe with our friends.

Iceberg Kids Drink Recipe

Servings – 1
Approx Total Cost – $.50. For hero status. Pretty damn cheap.
Prep Time – 2 minutes.
Cooking Time – Zero. It’s got ice in it, genius.
Halftime Lessons Rating (1-5 stars) &#9734&#9734&#9734&#9734&#9734
Toots and Giggles Rating (1-5 stars) &#9734

The Beauty Shot. Cue the harp.


Let’s get your hero on.

1 tall glass
1 Kool-Aid Jammer, Tropical Punch flavor
1/4 can Diet 7up
Reddi Wip spray whip cream
ice cubes

Iceberg Ingredients
Iceberg Ingredients

Try to follow me through this horribly complicated recipe. In a tall glass (I use thermal insulated tumblers from Costco with straws) put about 6 ice cubes. Cut open a Tropical Punch Koolaid Jammer pouch and pour it in the glass. It should be blue. If it isn’t, you bought the wrong kind, genius. Don’t panic, just think of a new name for your drink and tell your kids you are smarter than that idiot on the computer.

Then add no more than a quarter of a can of diet 7up. You are gonna want this drink to be creamy, rather than bubbly. But don’t listen to me, I just invented the damn thing.

Finally, cover the top of the drink in Reddi Wip whipcream, nice and thick. Let your kids stir it all up. While they’re doing that, don’t be afraid to educate them about Blutarsky’s Human Zit. They have to learn.

Blutarsky training
Don't Judge.

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  1. You are far braver than I, giving your kids Kool-Aid and redi-whip at the same time. If I am ever feeling like our life has grown too quiet and calm I’ll come back to this recipe. I’m okay with my kids thinking I’m a mean and boring mom.

  2. Yes, but you’re an above average intelligence woman. I was not so lucky. I mean about the intelligence. Great, now I just insulted women. Dammit…I’m a moron.

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