Happy Thanksgiving. I don’t actually have my kids tonight, this is my year to spend Christmas with them, so this turkey day I found myself driving solo down to Houston to catch up with a couple of close friends. So instead of having the kids over on Thursday this week, they came over a couple of nights ago. And I’ve been thinking about them ever since.

I get to see my kids more than a lot of dads do, I live close, and my ex and I have learned to really try to focus on what the kids need rather than what she and I want. And I get lots of weekends and holidays and soccer practices with them, but our Thursday nights have always been special. Frenzied, but special.

Generally involved is a sprint home from the office to pick them up from their schools, a soccer practice or a game, or basketball, or something at school, spelling and math homework, maybe a project, a hurried dinner, kitchen cleanup, lunch making, showers, and quite honestly, I’m pretty sure I fall asleep before they do. Those are the “just hold it together” nights. Talk and laugh where you can, get it all done as quick as possible, crash.

And then there are those scattered nights of greatness, when school and sports decide to leave you alone for a night, no devices get turned on, kids are full of ideas, stories, and laughs. Like this week.

Cuddling under the blanket she made me. She’s putting Aquaphor on her fingers to help them heal…can’t stop biting her nails. He wants in on the action. And at some point during a show, she reaches over to hold my hand.

I won’t be able to do a good job describing this feeling. You have to be a Daddy to a growing little girl to get this one. The closest I can come is… Overwhelming love, blessed, grateful, terrified.


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    • Thanks Ash. 🙂 It’s definitely a choice to focus on the good things, and absolutely not easy. Sorry to hear about your bro.

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