Quaker Oats’ “The Recital” – Storytelling, Very Subtly Branded.

My boss at Omni Hotels taught me great things about storytelling. He always had a cutting edge example to share, and we agreed in unison on the idea of compelling content and only very subtle branding leaving a far more lasting imprint on the consumer. This video, "The Recital" from Quaker Oats, … Read more about Quaker Oats’ “The Recital” – Storytelling, Very Subtly Branded.

A letter to my son.

Today is about you, my friend.I want to tell you some things, things that you probably won't understand until you are much older. Maybe you'll even be a Daddy yourself when you feel what I'm going to tell you, and I hope you feel most of it for yourself.Boys think their Daddys aren't scared of … Read more about A letter to my son.

Forgiveness and Change.

Have you ever considered what it would mean to change? To really change? To look at your life, who you’ve been and who you are, and what you’ve done, and make the decision to be someone else from that moment forward? My Dad has Parkinson’s. He’s been ill and declining for more than 10 years. It’s … Read more about Forgiveness and Change.

The Evolution Of Gross.

Hi. My name is Jay, and I am a Grossophobe.I've never eaten a booger. This being my blog and not needing to impress to any great degree, I can tell the truth. I've never eaten a booger, but I saw friends do it when I was younger, and they didn't seem to think anything of it. When I saw a classmate … Read more about The Evolution Of Gross.