Stepping Up.

So a little about this resolution thingy. In October I got to spend my little sister's birthday with her and my brother's family in Colorado going to an epic Jimmy Buffett concert at Red Rocks. Amazing. But the same weekend we went down to Castle Rock and did a workout on some alpine … Read more about Stepping Up.

Starting Over.

Great NYE with my favorites. Toasted with a new variation of our drink invention, the Iceberg (it's a drink, long time friends might remember.) This year's version: the "Bloody Countdown", of all names. I'm raising klassy. She's gonna collect a ton of dimes, he's gonna climb 100 floors, and I'm … Read more about Starting Over.

A letter to my son.

Today is about you, my friend.I want to tell you some things, things that you probably won't understand until you are much older. Maybe you'll even be a Daddy yourself when you feel what I'm going to tell you, and I hope you feel most of it for yourself.Boys think their Daddys aren't scared of … Read more about A letter to my son.


Well, I'm back. I've been threatening to dust off the keyboard for a while, but I found it hard to sit down and write something snarky while everything I had built, wanted, and counted on, crumbled. The past year hasn't gone according to plan. That might be the most mindbogglingly generic … Read more about Forward.