There’s a volcano in northeastern New Mexico called Capulin Volcano. It rises off the plain, and seems to stand totally alone atop the lava flow that came from it.

But the volcano isn’t the story today.

There’s a house that sits on the plain at the base of it. At the foothills to the foothills of the Rockies sits this little house. And it spoke to me. For once, though, I won’t tell you why. But the existence of this house is so compelling I took this photo, and hope you can find something in it that resonates with you too.

Someone lived here. They worked. They slept. Their kids got sick. They troubled. They loved. The wind threatened the very structure at times, and Lord knows what they ate. All that isn’t what speaks to me, but to look at this picture there’s no getting away from how hard people lived long before us. Someone was really proud of this house.

Click on the photo, blow it up, and think about it. Share your thoughts, or don’t.

It's deceptively large inside.
It’s deceptively large inside.

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  1. someone’s life was there…like they probably raised their family and had birthday dinners and shared christmas mornings there. and now, it just sits, empty and alone. it reminds me that life is really just a vapor…here one day and not the next…and well, honestly, it brings to life the scripture in matthew that reminds us to not put our hope in the things of this earth…like a house or the stuff inside it…but to seek first the kingdom of god and his righteousness…anyway, you asked, so i commented my thoughts.

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