UPDATE 2/9/16 – Come read about my #121DaysofChangeReal Food and no alcohol for 4 months. And the best part, this ceviche recipe and my Crock Pot White Bean Chicken Chili are both real food!

Went to Mexico. Laid on a beach. Ate everything. Literally. Ate Mexico.

imageAs a result, today I’m going to share with you the best ceviche recipe I have ever come across, and it came from a little beach bar called Unico in Puerto Morelos, Mexico.

I’m sharing it because ceviche is one of those things that have so many variations, and they are either really good, disappointing, or downright crap. I had one in Southern California once that was REALLY good, and hadn’t had one that compared until last month’s revelation. And this ceviche was so good we ended up at this bar twice that day, ordering it again and begging for the recipe. And they gave it up, so it’s now my duty to share the best ceviche recipe everrrrr. He called it Peruvian Ceviche, but I also saw it called Caribbean Ceviche. Knock yourself out googling the differences. I’m done.


On a side note, Puerto Morelos is a fantastic place. It’s a little fishing village, not nearly as glitzy as Cancun or Playa, it’s the kind of place where you can slow waaaaayyy down. And on that little beach is a great little bar for sinking into the sand and surroundings with a gorgeous margarita and, you guessed it, the best fresh fish ceviche I have ever eaten. I don’t tell you about Puerto Morelos because I want you to go there, mind you, I have no interest in your happiness. We want that place to remain nothing short of amazing. So stay away.

Ok, you can go, just don’t junk it up. And maybe if I share the world’s best ceviche recipe, you’ll save yourself the airfare.

So I hope you enjoy as much as I have. Please pay it forward, and share away.

The Best Ceviche Recipe In The Known Universe

Servings – 4. Unless I’m involved, in which case it can turn out to be a single-serve.
Approx Total Cost – $12-14. Get over it. It’s SO worth it.
Prep Time – 20 minutes.
Cooking Time – 25 minutes for the grouper to “cook”, 20 mins to chill in the fridge.

Let’s do this already.

12oz lime juice
4oz grapefruit juice
430g grouper
400g mango
500g tomato
20g fresh cilantro
300g white onion
2 avocados
salt and pepper
tortilla chips

So first a word about grouper. Ceviche is made with whitefish or shrimp generally, and not all white fish is the same. You can use cod or other, but grouper “cooks” wonderfully well in the citrus juice and ends up amazingly tender. So if you want melt-in-your-mouth ceviche, stick to grouper. Trust me. I know, trust is earned. Whatever. Grouper, it turns out, can also be a little difficult to find at times, so plan ahead.

You’ll note that some of the ingredients are listed in grams, which I’ve left intact to be true to the artist who came up with the recipe so you’ll have to do some rough conversions on the fly. To help you, 400g = 14.11oz = 3.125cups.

Here we go – mix the lime and grapefruit juice, dice the RAW grouper, and then marinate the grouper in the citrus juice for 25 minutes. This is “cooking” the fish. No, don’t put it in the oven, genius. Ok, I sound confident here, but my wife had to explain this to me. Twice. With drawings. In crayon.

Dice and mix the tomato, onion, and cilantro to make a pico de gallo.

Strain the fish, mix the fish with the pico, add salt and pepper. Cube the mango and avocados, and mix in. Put it all in he fridge for 20 minutes, then haul it out and devour with chips.

Now, you’ll note at the bottom of the written recipe above that he wrote, “mezcal or tequila”, which he recommended to finish it off. Specifically mezcal. Now, I haven’t really been able to tolerate tequila since college (ahem) but we tried it with the ceviche anyway, and I have to say that I liked it without much more than with. Your call.

Hope you enjoy as much as we have. And thanks again to our friend on the beach. We dream about you, Unico.

The best ceviche recipe in the known universe.
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  1. Jay!
    That is awesome – We discovered Pto Morelos a couple of years ago and go there every year and love love love Unico! Am totally using the recipe and promise not to junk PM up this year at Christmas!
    Congratulations on the anniversary! x A

  2. @Ally – Hello!! Great to see your comment…we loved PM so much…hope you have a fantastic time. What an amazing place to spend Christmas!!

  3. I was going to say, wasn’t MY recipe the best ever, but then I saw yours is a dish best served cold lol. Maybe I can talk my dear hubby into returning to Mexico hmmm maybe Puerto Morelos

  4. I was just there over Christmas and LOVED the ceviche! I’ve talked about it constantly and so I was searching Pinterest to see if I could find something similar and there was your recipe! We must be right! I’ve eaten ceviche everywhere it is available and I have a pretty darn good recipe myself, but this was better than any I’ve ever eaten! I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought so and that you thought to get the recipe! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! lol

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