I talk a lot about the idea of Purpose. Why am I here? What gives my life meaning? What builds better opportunities for my kids tomorrow? The idea behind focusing on this is that it gives me clarity and very specific goals to achieve, and always has me coming back to the original idea…”Is this activity helping to fulfill that purpose?”

I’m here for my kids, first. I’m doing everything I can to help them build their best life. That’s my purpose.

But at work, my purpose is using a skillset to help people and businesses realize very specific needs and opportunities, and building campaigns to exceed those goals. To help their businesses grow. And hopefully, that’s helping to make their lives better as well. At work, that’s my purpose.

I worked for a guy for a long time who, every time I would come to him with a general ask or spend request would reply, “Wait. What’s the ultimate GOAL?” Stopping my forward charge was frustrating for a while, and yet quickly created a habit of asking myself that question. Will this content, execution, and spend ultimately move us toward my very specific goal? If not, have a very good reason for needing to follow through with it, or dump it and get back on track.

Purpose means focus. Purpose leads to specific goals, and tight execution. Purpose leads to springing out of bed in the morning, eager to work your plan. Living and working with intent like this leads to passion, and passion is infectious. To your clients, to your team, to your better half, and especially your kids.

Take a look at my portfolio, read some of my latest blog updates, learn how I think, review my consulting abilities to see what I can help with. And then connect with me, and share with me what your purpose will be.

Jay Cooney

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