I was in love once.

A crazy, reckless love that proved to be a blissfully emotional time in my life. She was spicy, fulfilling, and she made me feel like I was the only one in the world for her.

And then one day, quite suddenly, she was gone. Her name was Burrito Zacatecas, and she disappeared. Her parents who owned a little Mexican restaurant in Bartonville moved away, you see, and she would never be mine again. The day I discovered that she was gone I sat and cried in the parking lot for far too long…until my wife and kids urged me to continue our search for dinner. And amidst my tears, I silently guided the car away from that place.

I feared I would never find another.

Days turned to months, and my silent desperation began to shake the foundation of every other relationship I had. I began to make mistakes with the wrong places, and plates. A combination dinner here, a drive-thru there. Every order was compared to her, and woefully discarded.

Then one evening, I took the family to Agave Tex Mex Grill in Flower Mound, TX, ordered a margarita, and dropped my head to the cold table in anticipation of another mealtime mistake. The menu was handed to me, and my eyes quickly made my way down the page searching, always searching. And then, on the Specials Menu, I saw her.

The Big Burrito.

I was tempted to avoid another disappointment and move on, and then I began to read more. Stuffed with beans, pico, my choice of meats, cheese…Panini Style? And…with…Avocado Cream Sauce?

I…I…I love Avocado.

When my new BFF returned to take our order, I quickly told him my needs, and then hurried him through the orders for my family. A Taco? Um, yes, whatever honey, just hurry please.

And I began to tap my foot in anticipation…but not for long, as the wonderful folks at Agave must have sensed my desperation. And then as in a dream,

there she was.

My dear friends and appreciateurs of Mexican cuisine, this is where my review of Agave’s Big Burrito will fall to pieces. You see, I am not a food critic. I am just a man. A man who thought I would never find love again. And yet, I have. And I now wonder if my beloved Burrito Zacatecas was ever that good, because My Big Burrito is the stuff of dreams, and won’t be compared to mortal food.

She is, quite simply…Glorious.

My only advice, order soon, and order often. My love is on the Specials Menu, and Agave’s wonderful manager informed me that she will be made a regular menu item if enough interest is shown. This is where you come in, my friends, and this is a meal I don’t mind sharing. I won’t turn this into a political rant, I promise you, but The Big Burrito is one dish I wouldn’t mind being turned into a National Entitlement Program. Please vote. Soon.

My apologies for the beauty shot. I had a hard time stopping eating to take the picture.

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  1. It’s going to have to be pretty damn good to get me to switch from Anamia’s. But for you, I’ll give it a whirl.

    More importantly though – how’s the margarita?

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